From traditional Chinese medicine to industry leading cancer research

Vitup operates two pharmaceutical businesses: Dalian Altac Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Asian Space Pharmaceutical (Dalian) Inc.

Dalian Altac Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd

Dalian Altac Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd was founded in 1996. Altac is dedicated to the development, production and sale of medicine and health food conceived under the operating philosophy of "origin in nature." The company's modern research and production facilities are GMP certified and operate under a strict quality control system to guarantee product purity and safety.

Altac developed and markets the first domestic bio-lead removing health food – the Pianen capsule. The company has also developed and produces other functional health food and traditional Chinese medicine products such as Xinqin particles, Jieyu Anshen particles and other unique flavor particles. More recently, Altac has started to produce natural nutritional supplements such as snow clam oil, natural freeze dried deer velvet blood, and natural freeze dried deer blood. Sales of Altec's natural supplements are sold domestically and throughout Southeast Asia.



ASIA SPACE PHARMACEUTICAL [Dalian] INC was founded in 2001 and focuses on research and production of monoclonal antibody drugs. The company has successfully developed a class one biologic drug – Enboke – for curing psoriasis. The company has also been perfecting antibody engineering and cell engineering leading to the development of monoclonal antibody sprays, and construction of a cancer chemotherapy drug susceptibility test platform.